For many patients, Ortho-K may seem too good to be true. It’s a lens correcting technology that requires absolutely no surgery. We are often asked about side effects, as well, which are quite limited in this case. Read on to learn more about Ortho-K, and what you can expect if you choose to wear these lenses for myopia control.

The power of Ortho-K for near-sightedness

Patients can see clearly every day, no lenses and glasses required during the day time. This is all made possible just by wearing corrective lenses at night while you sleep.

This technology has been around since the 1960s. Over time, it’s just gotten better and better. Not only does it allow patients to see clearly during the day, but it dramatically slows down the pace of myopia, which makes it an ideal approach for children and teenagers. Rather than just allowing the eyes to become near-sighted and for the inevitable to take course, Ortho-K can make vision correction a possibility today while making corrective surgery a possibility for these patients in the future.

Yes, it does seem too good to be true, only it is not. Ortho-K is real and it works. The next question we are asked is, “So, what about side effects?”

What you can expect after Ortho-K

Ortho-K works to “mold” your corneas into the right shape to allow you to effectively see throughout the day. In other words, it flattens and re-shapes your cornea while you peacefully sleep at night. This reshaping is not painful.

Where some patients experience a short period of discomfort is in the initial lens fitting itself. It may take a few tries to get the fit perfected, and it’s a perfect fit that allows you to wear the lenses every night without issue.

Once you have Ortho-K lenses that fit you perfectly, you may go through a very brief adjustment period – perhaps two to four days – in which your eyes become used to the lenses. Just like wearing regular contact lenses for the first time, you’ll need a few days to get used to the lenses as well as the process of putting them in and taking them out.

Other potential side effects from Ortho-K

Here in Arizona, we live in an extremely dry climate. This can affect people’s eyes, even those who do not need to wear corrective lenses throughout the day. For any patient who is new to Ortho-K or any lens, we recommend them to wet their eyes with Preservative-Free Artificial Tear rewetting drops prior to lens insertion at night. This will help to moisturize the eye and prepare it for the lenses.

Additionally, when removing the lenses in the morning, we suggest that patients use some of the same rewetting drops a few minutes prior to Ortho-K lens removal. You’ll notice that having moist eyes will make the lens removal process a breeze.

More discomfort, less side effects

Experiencing Ortho-K is more about getting used to wearing lenses at night and finding your rhythm with a new habit, than real “side effects”. You may experience some very minor initial discomfort, but like anything new, it’s just for a brief adjustment period. There are no serious long-term side effects to Ortho-K since the cornea is completely reversible (unlike surgery) once you stop overnight wear.

Ortho-K is a technology that we deeply believe in. We’ve achieved tremendous success with patients with these revolutionary lenses. If you have a question about Ortho-K and what you can expect, we’re here to help you. Feel free to schedule a consultation.