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Exercises to Avoid with Glaucoma


If you’ve been diagnosed with glaucoma, then you may have questions about living with the disease, including whether or not you need to make certain lifestyle changes.  One of the changes you may need to make to protect your vision after a glaucoma diagnosis is to your exercise routine. But what kinds of exercise [...]

Exercises to Avoid with Glaucoma2019-10-25T14:59:22-07:00

Vision Prescriptions Explained: All About Glasses and Contacts


You know glasses and contacts are used to correct vision problems, including nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), presbyopia (aging of the eye lens) and astigmatism (when the curvature of the cornea or natural lens are asymmetrical).  This group of vision problems are called “refractive errors,” meaning the shape of your eye doesn’t bend light correctly [...]

Vision Prescriptions Explained: All About Glasses and Contacts2019-10-25T14:59:56-07:00

What is Nearsightedness & How Do I Know if I Have It?


So, what exactly does it mean to be nearsighted, and do I need to worry about it?  Nearsightedness is a very common condition. In fact, about 42 percent of Americans between the ages of 12 and 54 suffer from myopia, according to the National Eye Institute.  Dr. Chad Carlsson, founder of Carlsson Family Eye [...]

What is Nearsightedness & How Do I Know if I Have It?2019-10-25T15:00:29-07:00

Ortho K Lenses: Costs & Benefits


Curious about the costs of Ortho-K and whether or not it’s worth it to correct your myopia (commonly known as nearsightedness)? Get the full scoop here and learn how Ortho-K could help you go an entire day without glasses.  You may have heard about orthokeratology (Ortho-K) and felt excited about the possibilities for your [...]

Ortho K Lenses: Costs & Benefits2019-10-25T15:01:12-07:00

What Causes Eye Floaters?


If you’ve ever seen spots, blots, specks or lines that appear to be floating in your field of vision, you’ve likely experienced eye floaters. But what exactly are eye floaters and what causes them? And are they dangerous to your vision?   For the most part, the presence of eye floaters doesn’t constitute a medical [...]

What Causes Eye Floaters?2019-10-25T15:02:20-07:00

How Often Should I Get My Eyes Checked?


Think eye exams are just about getting glasses or contacts? They’re actually good for your head-to-toe health. Here’s everything you need to know about the all-important vision checkup.  Routine vision checkups are an important part of taking care of your overall health. They don’t just identify vision problems or evaluate eye health—Regular eye exams [...]

How Often Should I Get My Eyes Checked?2019-10-25T15:03:04-07:00

Looking for “Contact Lens Fitting Near Me”?


Want to wear contacts, but aren’t sure where to start? Or do you already wear contact lenses and have questions? Here, we cover all the basics of contact lenses and prescriptions.  Who are the best candidates for contact lenses? Is there anyone who shouldn’t wear contacts? Dr. Chad A. Carlsson of Carlsson Family Eye [...]

Looking for “Contact Lens Fitting Near Me”?2019-10-25T15:03:26-07:00

The Dreaded Dry Eye: What Are the Causes of Dry Eye?


The dry summer heat is here, and so is that dry-eye feeling. Maybe you know what we mean: eyes that are red or bloodshot, irritated and itchy, gritty or sandy, or you’ve got that pesky sensation that you’ve got something on the surface of your eye.  Of course, dry eyes aren’t limited to this [...]

The Dreaded Dry Eye: What Are the Causes of Dry Eye?2019-10-25T15:04:06-07:00

Should I Have Surgery to Remove Eye Floaters?


Worried about eye floaters? Those tiny dots, specks or “wavy lines” in your field of vision can make you wonder if something is going awry with your sight, and their presence can be unnerving or even scary. For the most part, eye floaters don’t require any kind of major medical intervention and are nothing [...]

Should I Have Surgery to Remove Eye Floaters?2019-10-25T15:04:37-07:00

How to Choose a “Top-Notch!” Optometrist


Finding the right eye doctor for you may be more challenging than you think. After all, there are numerous eye specialists out there, and your needs may be drastically different from those of your friends and family. Contrary to what many patients believe, it’s not as simple as just browsing through your insurance network’s [...]

How to Choose a “Top-Notch!” Optometrist2019-10-25T15:05:04-07:00