If you are an adult, it is very important to schedule an eye exam at least once a yearIt’s not just to see if your prescription has changed, or whether you need bifocals.  It is also for your health.

If you have risk factors such as diabetes, or a family history of eye problems, an optometrist is your first line of defense.

Children, too, need their vision checked.  For children, eye exams usually take place at 1 year of age, before they begin preschool, and before they begin elementary school, and then every year after. 80% of a child’s learning is visually related and comes through their eye-hand coordination and vision sense, so regular exams are very important.

Our eye exam typically includes 4-5 steps; Eye Health Exam, Refraction, Fundus Photos, OCT screening, and Dilation (optional).

Prior to your eye exam, please be prepared to discuss your medical history. We’ll also want a list of your medications, as well as any eye-related problems in your family history.

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