When it comes to Ortho K, a non-surgical approach to stopping the progression of nearsightedness, we often receive questions about the cost. Unfortunately, insurance typically does not cover Ortho K. This is because it’s considered to be cosmetic, much like plastic surgery. Insurance carriers don’t deem Ortho K to be necessary when, instead, patients can wear good old-fashioned glasses or contact lenses. Because of these insurance barriers, most of our patients pay “out-of-pocket” for their Ortho K.

Read on for an overview of Carlsson Family Eye Center’s Ortho K program, including what it costs, and the value you can expect throughout the course of partnering with us for your eyecare needs.

Are you ready for Ortho K?

Ortho K frees you of glasses or contacts – no surgery required. You’re an ideal candidate for Ortho K if your eye prescription is -6 Diopters or less nearsightedness, and/or less than a 1.25 astigmatism.  While Dr. Carlsson works with patients of all ages, Ortho K is especially popular among adolescents and “tweens”. It allows patients to see clearly during the day without corrective lenses due to the corneal molding/reshaping of the cornea that occurs while sleeping in them!  The bonus to this procedure, is that it creates a “peripheral defocus” in the peripheral retina, which hinders the axial lengthening of the eye. This peripheral defocus is what slows down the progression of myopia or in other words prevents the patient’s myopia (nearsightedness) from getting worse.  And we now have studies to prove it works! By controlling myopia progression during an adolescent’s growth phase, we can then make them more likely to be a prime candidate for refractive surgery in their mid to late 20s!

Parents like Ortho K for their kids because it entirely eliminates the risk of surgery. Young eyes and bodies are rapidly changing; Ortho K provides a safe and stable alternative to surgery. And, for young athletes, Ortho K is ideal as it eliminates the need to deal with glasses or contact lenses.  

The Value of Ortho K

All of the above mentioned points regarding Ortho-K has some real value for a lot of patients that suffer from myopia and its progression.  High myopia correlates with serious diseases of the eye later in life like Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Retinal tears and detachments, and more!  Yet another reason to consider safeguarding your child from these ocular diseases by just simply doing Ortho-K during a child’s development vs ignoring it and crossing your fingers hoping your child’s eyes don’t get worse.  

The path to Ortho K begins with a consultation to see if you’re a candidate for the lenses. The consultation includes a comprehensive eye exam and meeting with Dr. Carlsson to determine your level of complexity. No Ortho K lenses are “one size fits all.” The lenses are completely custom to fit your eye shape and your prescription needs. New patients or first-time patients generally require additional fitting adjustments. But as your eyes become accustomed to Ortho K lenses and your cornea changes shape in response to the lenses, you eventually require fewer follow-ups for any adjustments since your eyes get use to the corneal molds that takes place every night while sleeping in them.  Simply put: it just gets easier over time.

Carlsson Family Eye Center offers patients a two-year Ortho K program, starting at $2498 for a Level 1 fitting.  If you sign up for our Ortho K program, your initial consultation fee ($275) is rolled into your overall program cost. Here’s what our Ortho K program includes:

  • Initial consultation: included when you join our program within 30 days from the Consultation
  • Eye exam: a comprehensive eye exam in Year 1, after starting our program
  • Unlimited follow up appointments: this includes unlimited appointments to adjust your fitting or to answer any questions or concerns during the course of those 2 years
  • New lenses: Receive a new set of corneal molds every year.

Year Three is when patients experience a significant price drop. By year three, their eyes have dramatically adjusted to their new shape, guided by their Ortho K lenses. Year Three patients require very few adjustments and follow-up visits, which allows the annual price to fall below $800.

Long-term value

“Dr. Carlsson using Ortho-K method managed to stop progression of nearsightedness and even corrected vision to 100% for my daughter.”

This is just one patient’s experience, but what we aim to repeat with every patient: stable, consistent care throughout the years. This is the greater benefit of partnering with an experienced Ortho K doctor for long-term care. Patients receive personal attention, experience excellent vision and gain long-term efficiency and savings and satisfaction.  Now that’s value!

Contact us today to schedule your consultant. We’re looking forward to meeting you and to answering any and all your questions.